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    Teal Denim

    Hooded Capelet

  • Full Black Linen Cloak with Sapphire Blue Satin Lining
  • Red Linen Half Cloak

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Clever Clothing and Merchandise began as an idea in November of 2014 when my family decided to do a ‘The Lord of the Ring’ theme for Halloween, so that meant creating cloaks, and a dress for myself. I have always enjoyed sewing, but thought it would remain a hobby of mine.

We received a lot of complements on the costumes, and my husband suggested that I make that into a business. I sat down and began to design my own line of cloaks and capelets and thought of adding pockets to store items. March of 2015, we filed for a corporation, and Clever Clothing and Merchandise was born.

I am now a ‘stay-at-home-mom’ with a two year old, so typically, I sew capelets and cloaks during nap times, after my husband gets home from work, and on the weekends. Each cloak and capelet, has my love and energy put into it, and sometimes a few swear words depending on the difficulty of the project.   When you purchase a capelet from us, you may notice a few stray needle holes in the lining, especially if it has a satin lining; that is from me having to remove the thread and re- sew the area because it had been done incorrectly the first time.

I hope you enjoy the merchandise you purchase from us, and as time goes on, I want the store and our supporters to grow. Please feel free to email me at Jennifer.langbecker@clevercloaks.com if you have any comment or suggestions. I’ll gladly take your ideas into consideration, and try to respond personally.

Unique and Creative Designs

CleverCloaks.com is a small Ecommerce Website devoted to offering quality clothing and accessories.  All financial transactions are completed through PayPal.com (you do not need to create a PayPal account to complete an order), so none of your information is available to CleverCloaks.com.  We value your privacy and will never use your personal information, except to complete your order.  If you choose to complete a profile, the website will remember items that were previously viewed, but we will never sell or use your information.

We work hard to design original apparel to be practical and provocative, and choose fabrics and materials that will make sure your clothes are the highest quality possible.  You will find a variety of capelets in stock for multiple occasions, and we hope you find these designs fun and exciting.

Many of the cloaks, capes, and capelets we offer include soft inner linings, large hoods, and Pockets!